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I work for a philanthropic effort with stable (essentially guaranteed) annual funding. So, I am in a situation where we don't have to raise money and there are no paying customers, no competition, no fundraising, no growth. We are 40 employees and all very autonomous in setting our own goals and measures for success.

We are a high school and teacher education center with the mission of reengaging students in their education and demonstrating that nationally. Our work is pro bono - no one pays for our services. So, no money-based metric in the mix. No targets or metrics handed down from above (similar to the forum discussion: I Have No Targets

Every book, podcast, online references that I have checked all reference competition of some kind. Good to Great focuses on companies and profits and even their social sector mongraph refers to competition for resources. Because we are pretty much guaranteed our annual funding, there is little sense of urgency to dig into strategic thinking and I haven't had success finding something to build that sense of urgency.

I'm happy to set up my own metrics for myself but I need help on how to successfully engage others in strategic thinking (peers and program staff) when everyone knows we're not really held accountable for any particular results.


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Not sure if this would help, but when I was in grad school, I was involved with non-profits and suscribe to this free newsletter from Blue Avocado which is for nonprofits. They just did three articles on:

Alternatives to Strategic planning Part 1:

Alternatives to Strategic planning Part 2:

Defense of Strategic planning rebuttal:

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Resources look great. Thanks for the lead. I'm reading those articles now.