I liked this cast a lot.  Particularly the concept of dealing with questions that might have a negative impact on your idea.  Frankly a question or answer can not have a BAD impact on the idea, although it can have a negative impact on how likely it is that the idea will be implemented.  It's like this there are many ideas.  The objective of the presentation is to convince.  If we do not meet that objective then either we need to rethink the idea or do something else.  I'm happy to implement better ideas than mine.  The goal is to further the business, not implement every idea that pops into MY mind.  Not only that but seemingly negative ideas often (although not always) help me to strengthen the idea and to see the flaws.  The one exception is when the ideas are based in some emotion not related to the actual idea.  So for example "I don't like this Mark guy.  Let's crush everything that comes out of his mouth Mike.  That way we keep the power."  That kind of thing is people putting their preference before the company.  On the other hand "Hey Mike, I don't like Doug's idea.  I think that in the long run it will introduce inefficient extra steps into these 4 business processes.  Will you help me to make sure that this is expressed in Tuesdays meeting?" is really really ok.  Actually more than ok, it's appreciated.  Yes my ego might be bruised, but I'd rather go home and sulk or something than implement an ide3a and then find out it's bad.  (ok I don't normally silk, but y'all get the idea... I hope.)

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