I will be interviewing several people this week. What should I wear?

I am an individual contributor and this is my first time as the interviewer. When I was interviewed for the job everyone that I interviewed with wore business casual, what they normally wear to work.

Should I do the same? I was thinking about stepping it up a notch and wearing a jacket, because I think a suit might be too much.



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Hi Adam,

I think you should wear a suit. All organisations I have worked for where business casual is the norm for wearing in the office, suits are worn for external meetings and interviews. Regardless of rules though, you want the interviewees to see you and your organistion as professional, so you should wear a suit!

Good luck,


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I think upscale business casual, just shy of a suit, sounds reasonable, given your description of how things went down when you interviewed.  That is, depending on who else the candidates are meeting with that day.  You don't want to show up more formally dressed than the hiring manager or CEO, but it definitely warrants stepping it up a couple notches from everyday work attire.   I'd say button down shirt, jacket, nicer than usual shoes, and pressed pants, if the norm is something like Dockers and polo shirts.  

It's situations like these where I realize sometimes women in the workplace have certain advantages.  As soon as my (also female) boss invited me to help interview, I could easily work in something like  "Great - does this mean I get to go shopping?  What are you planning to wear?" without it seeming weird or superficial.  Stereotypical, but true in this case!  But to that end, why not just ask the hiring manager?