Is it appropriate or not to follow up verbal feedback to an employee with an email note?

This is more so about creating a documentation trail should there be a dismissal down the track. This feedback is documented for me in my o3 notes, but its more so the employee has something in writing they have been advised about.

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"Feedback" at least as Mark and Mike use it is very low-key, not a big deal. You wouldn't send an E-mail on the heels of feedback for the same reason you wouldn't send an E-mail follow-up to a comment like "Thanks for holding the elevator for me" or "Hey, nice haircut!" or "Gesundheit!"

An E-mail comment following up on any of the above would be a little creepy, right? Same thing with feedback.

If you're already thinking of laying a paper trail for possible disciplinary action, then you're talking about "Systemic Feedback" or "Late-stage Coaching" or something like that. In that case, I still think the E-mails shouldn't be 1:1 with your verbal systemic feedback. Try an E-mail such as:

"Hi Linda: A couple of times this month, I've given you feedback about underdressing on days when we are meeting with outside clients. When I introduce you to outside clients and you're the only one in the room wearing blue jeans, here's what happens....... I haven't wanted to make a big deal out of this, since you've been such a good contributor in terms of [technical knowledge/ working late/ creative solutions] but I'm beginning to notice a pattern and it has me concerned that a minor dress code issue might become a bigger deal. What can you do differently going forward?"

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If you're concerned about where your feedback is heading with a potential problem DR then keep a notebook. Jot down your feedback, dates and times and if you never ned it, then great! If you do need it later on, it's all there.

Don't make the same mistake as me and let people make the association of feedback and notebook, it did a whol;e heap of damage with one of my DR's.