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Anyone out there interested in a meet-up in the Seattle (or Bellingham) area?

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Absolutely! We could pick Everett and make it (sort of) central to you if you're up near the border.

Let's make it happen! If you need help coordinating and planning, I'd be happy to volunteer.

[email protected]

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I'm actually in Mount Vernon.  I was thinking if a few people were interested, we could make it easy and just meet at a restaurant somewhere, then if there's enough interest plan something more substantial for the future.

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Did any meet ups happen?  

I, too, am in Mount Vernon (work) and would be interested in MT meet ups.

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Hello Skagit M-T fans,

One of the longest lived meet-up groups meets monthly in Seattle downtown. If you want some support for starting a north end group, just let me know.