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What is the best way to deal with vendors hounding for a sales opportunity? 

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Hello Jardena,

In the interest of full disclosure I am a sales manager, so I may be biased.  I have 2 recomendations for you.  First, ignore them through the use of e-mail and voice mail.  Most sales people will give up after 2-3 calls.   Second, for those that persist - talk with them if that is your responsability or pass them along to those that do in your company.  Many sales people people have a good value proposition that can decrease your companies costs, increase revenue, increase productivity,etc...   It is in the interst of your compnay to talk with sales people after you have vetted them and given them the time to work for your business.

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HI Jardena,

You first have to assess this vendor relative to your role at your company as well as relative to your company as a whole. If this vendor has a chance of providing value to your area in the Company, then by all means accept communication, starting with the simplest form, i.e email and consider escalating to a phone call if you find the rep has something of value to offer. Vendors are a little bit like potential employees, you need to treat them in a way as if you want to keep them out of your company, however there are those that present well and do have something to contribute. Those persistent ones are the ones that likely will follow through for you.

Does your company have a Vendor Approval process? usually those processes can be quite onerous and do require the vendor to meet baseline criteria that match your companies needs.