He was Fortune Magazine's CEO of the Decade. 

He founded and led the world's most valuable technology company. 

Pixar is the greatest animation studio of the last two decades. 

A true visionary, a great executive, brilliant entrepreneur. 

Earlier today, one of my team members was suggesting that when we create a product prototype, we should ask, "what would Steve Jobs say about this?"

What a great standard.  And what a great legacy. 

John Hack


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I agree with much of what has been written about Steve Jobs, but the true test of whether or not he was a great executive is still to be proven.

Has he left the people and processes in place for Apple to keep prospering like they were under his stewardship?   Or was Apple a personality-driven company that will lose its way without Jobs providing the direction?




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I couldn't agree with the central thesis more.



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It seems Steve had a tendency to bully people into doing way more than they thought they could. But I always liked the more friendly but still firm management style implied by Randy Pausch. It was actually a bit of management advice his own mentor gave him. 

On leading a team of grad students in a pretty wild first project of the year, giving them tons of freedom, not knowing what they might bring back to him... they came back with some truly amazing work which blew him away, stuff that he'd be happy to grade as their end-of-year work and give them all As. He asked his own mentor what he should say to his team.

'Well, you don't know where to set the bar yet, so you just need to keep setting it higher. You give them all Bs and tell them, "Guys, this was really good work, but I know you can do better". '