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My team is not use to reporting project status and there isn't a clear format for reporting project status. What do you use (i.e. "Red", "Yellow" and "Green") and how well does it work? 

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 We devide a project in vários tasks. Each task, roughly a week long has an estimated manhours, a start date and a completion date. The manhours give the weight of the task on the overall project.  From the plan start and end date and the estimated manhours from each task we create an s curve (for us is an s because the project goês though a peak in resources utilization, manhours, in the middle).  We then compare how the project is doing against this baseline graphically and with two indicators: 

1-are we doing the tasks according to the plan?  Real advance in project tasks mesures through manhours from tasks completed versus manhours from tasks that should be completed according to the plan.  For example we should have 19% advancement and we have 20, are 1% off, indicator is 0.95. To us that is gree above 0.90. It is yellow bellow that and red if it falls bellow the late schedule.

2-are we doing the work with the manhours planned?  Manhours gained from activities completed vs manhours actually used.  Green is if it is one or close to it.  Then there is another threashold for yellow and red. 

You can do the control on An. Excell spreadsheet or softwares like primavera and activecollab, we use a combination Depending on project magnitude and characteristics.


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Thank you. I had not considered measuring projects based on man hours instead of task completion. I'll have to consider that approach.

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Measuring hours or days is a good way to measure progress but I avoid asking people to estimate the % completed. Invariably it is 50% or 90% until the last minute when suddenly there is a "problem" and it'll take twice as long. Instead I ask for the finish date/time or how many hours/days to comlete the task.

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 Hi Paul

We split our work into Packages that can be completed in less than two weeks, preferably less. Sometimes it's unavoidable to have Lager Packages, but try ist. Packages are only 'done' or 'Not done'. The Problems with 'percentage finished' have been Stated above...

Put your  estimate and current Progress in a burndown Chart (google it),  Update ist every Day and Put it up Where everyone can See it. 

Sorry for the Spelling.  The iPad is really Messing it up.

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