Hi team. May I ask your advice please. I interviewed well for a job i really fancy and I think they like me too.

They have obviously had some discussions about the salary, I think I am the strongest candidate but the best they have been able to come up with (this is NOT an offer) is about 5k short of keeping me on the same salary I am on at the moment. Effectively 30k

They have asked if i would still be interested in the job at their top whack of 25k but this would really be too much of a stretch for me financially.

I can barely manage as is and dont think I could even ride it for a short time.

Any ideas on how to approach this dilema? I think I could work well there and its a good job.I would be very happy to go for the same money I'm on!

I dont think there would be scope for catch up down the line, although one approach could be a probationary period to see how great I am then a bump in pay?

or, to sugest the 25k plus some kind of travel expenses? I currently have a company car, which the new role does not have, and I would need to buy a rail pass. All in all about 5k a year. The new job would involve driving quite some miles so, if i used my own vehicle and they pay a decent fuel allowance?


your thoughts and comments gratefully received.


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 When you give your answer you'll need to start by giving your answer.  This sounds like, "I would have to decline an offer of 25k,"  From there you would want to close as described in the interview series, with special emphasis on getting the hiring manager to envision you in the role being brilliant.  For example, if sales is a component of the position you would emphasize how much you'll enjoy bringing, to them, the same increases in numbers you achieved at your current company.  At this point you're still trying to get an offer, so maintain your focus on that like a laser.

Don't propose the probationary period.  That would be the equivalent of you proposing a dangle.  There are too many loopholes for them to get out of giving you that bump up at the end of your probation, leaving you bitter and poor.

This is your livelihood.  You're working now at 30k and presumably providing good value for your employer.  If you truly would be strapped at 25k, and the position offers no strategic career advantage, you have nothing to lose.


  Good luck!