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Unprecedented Churning is Coming

This article, from the Herman Group caught my eye.  I found this statement particularly interesting:

"The characteristics most valued by these hiring managers were 'multitasking', 'initiative', and 'creative problem solving'."

Collaboration and fit don't even make the top three!  The next sentence also made me rile a bit:

"Forty percent also reported that when the economy improves, they expect to use money as their primary method for retaining top performers."

If this is how 40% of the managers are planning to retain people, I can see why the unprecedented churn is coming!

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I'm not sure I got the same article when I clicked through; the one I read was on customer loyalty. The intriguing part of that article talked about conducting "Stay interviews" or internal customers before they become exit interviews. Not sure exactly what the stay interview would be like.

I think if I saw a "stay" interview coming, I would try to move out of the way.