I have been listening to the Career/Interviewing series and came to look at the Sample Resume here for an idea on building my amazing resume!

However, I am on the young side (27) and therefore have therefore held only two positions in my life. I have significant accomplishments from both jobs and especially from my current job, but I know that I you only recommend 3 bullets max. With the 10pt font and wide borders, I have way too much room.

I have volunteer activity that I could include, technical certs, and other technical abilities that may not fit into the accomplishments area. Should I put those in, or do I proceed in a different direction.

I appreciate any advice offered.

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I would go up to 12 point font.  Also, with only 2 positions, you will probably want more than three.  How long were you in each position?  If those are the only 2 on your resume, add more accomplishments.  Again, making sure they are tied to the positions you are applying for.


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I've had a lot of friends ask me for help tweaking their resume and I am now a huge fan of the MT resume model. However, in a lot of cases they are fresh out of school or their experience is very limited. I have been toying with the idea of taking prominent school projects (preferably where the individual was project leader) and using those as "jobs" on the resume.

For example: one young man lead a team of 5 programmers in creating a simple video game and they were graded the best out of their graduating class. We used the admin data, description/scope, and accomplishments from this project to flesh out his "history."

I would be curious to see what others would do in this situation or what M&M have to say on the subject?



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I do not recall any MT guidance specifying a *maximum* of three accomplishments.  More likely, I would be concerned if there were *only* three!

There is a cast for recent graduates:

In my view, there is nothing wrong with having several accomplishments for each position. If I recall, MT guidance encourages MORE accomplishments associated with most recent or current role.  As time progresses then cut back to only the most relevant accomplishments from old positions.

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Thank you all for your thoughtful responses, this is an amazing community.

To clarify, I do have about 8 years of work experience in my industry, its just that it has been between two jobs. I had looked at the sample resume that had about three for each position held. In fact, after listening to the most recent Career tools cast on accomplishments, listing many accomplishments became clearer.

To Michael's point, I used to include accomplishments from college that were indeed significant. I found however, that having such things listed on the resume made me seem junior in the field even though I had real experience in the field.