I was wondering if there was a list of the EOM, end of message or similar email subject line abbreviations. I also heard DNR for do not reply. I was hoping there was a list or someone could let us know others that you use.

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At my organization we commonly use AR (Action Required) and FYI.

FYI is pretty obvious, but if you can get everyone to start the subject line with FYI anytime an email doesn't require action, it's pretty powerful.

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Back  in the 90's as we began using emails, I was on a group that came up with keyword recommendations such as you m;ention above. In addtion to those, we also used "Time Sensitive," and "End of Message," if the question or statement could be confined to the subject line with no accompanying text.

However, these were only adopted as recommendations and the adoption rate was slow. If this is important enough to you, as with other issues, there must be some accountability. Our plan was sound, but the execution was weak.

Several years ago Mark made a remark about vertical scroll bars on emails. I took that to heart and now ruthlessly edit emails I send out with the goal of not having a vertical scroll bar. I also am ruthless about who I send to so that people perceive my emails to be of value when I do send them. I've gotten good feedback on that. (Thanks, Mark.)

The other problem related to this is the unnecessary use of the "Reply to all" button. What I sometimes do when sending emails to large numbers of people is to use humor. For example, "Please do not use your "Reply To All" Button when responding to this email. I have worked out an agreement with IT so that, if you do, you will immediately receive a 100,000 volt electric shock."  (Our culture allows humor to be used in certain cases.) When I do that no one misuses the button.