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Can anyone recommend a news aggregator that i can sync with my iPhone and my company desktop? FeedDemon is great on the desktop but the company protocol will not allow it to talk to Google News and I don't believe there is a FeedDemon app for iPhone.

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You could try Google Reader (browser based) at work, and Reeder on your iphone..  Reeder keeps in synch with Google Reader and works in an offline mode as well (e.g. when you are on the tube with no signal). 


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+1 Google Reader - Personally I'd find one that works well on each platform.  Pulse or flip board are great on iOS devices. Use whatever works within your corp standards for your desktop.  Keep them in synch (for read articles) would be the only real issue.  Setting up the feeds is simple.

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 Google Reader plust Feedler (I use the free version with no trouble at all).


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I have been using Google Reader without any problems for quite some time.