I suspect Mark will refer to this error as galactically stupid.

Should i raise the subject with my boss

Over the years as a kind on safety blanket I have kept an up to date resignation letter on my PC at work. On days when pressure and frustration is high I have it available to me to choose not to be in that position.

Friday was a day like that and i opened it up to update the date. At this point my boss came to talk to me. I minimised it but good old microsoft still showed resignation.doc.

We spoke later alone but he did not mention it.

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You should be fine. I don't think seeing it is an issue. The bigger issue is that you're preparing to make an emotional decision to resign. There is cast for that :)

I recommend using a different method to respond to stress, something more positive in nature. At minimum take a walk and call a friend.

You'll be fine, stay calm, smile and nod your head.

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Read your comment and agree there are better things to do.

I decided to speak to him and it seems ok. Decided the risk of not saying anything and him having seen it and assume I was leaving was higher than just telling him it was one of my techniques for putting things in perspective. He said he understood and had some similar techniques.

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I have to say that I like your boss's reaction. I think an alternative coping tool might be to maintain a Delta File. There is a cast for that:

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Don't mention it.  Period.

And get the damn thing off your computer at work.

It's not galactically stupid to have your boss potentially see it (almost, but not quite.)

But to have it on your work PC.



PS:  Just trying to be helpful.  Don't feel like the Lone Ranger.  I've done my share too.  :-)