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 Manager tools recommend note taking using pen and paper.  Could you imagine taking your notes on a tablet (iPad) using a note taking app and a stylus ?  Tell me about your opinion or experience. 



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The guidance in the MT podcasts for note taking *strongly* recommends paper and pen.

However, the *one* exception that I know about is there is one in the MT community (Michael S...) who at one time used a tablet PC. He, as I recall, had a special OneNote form for his tablet PC.

I've been using composition notebooks for each person in the group. I *may* switch to loose leaf pages as recommended in the casts.

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I take O3 notes on my iPad, using a special pen and a pretty good notebook program called Noteshelf.

First time I used it my directs did look a bit curious, but that passed away after the first O3.

Writing on iPad is not as natural as pen and paper, but with the right pen it is quite OK, and I find many advantages, e.g. the fact that my notes are automatically backed up to the cloud (I cannot lose them) and that i can export them as pdfs and mail them around when necessary.


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Hi Guys,

I know this post is a little aged now, but I have recently started using the LiveScribe 3 pen for taking notes

You need special paper, but this thing is accurate and so easy to use. Being in IT, I like to have my documents orgainsed on my PC as well as in my notebooks - I have it syncing with Evernote (where I keep most notes etc).

Take a look, from my perspective this gives the pen and notebook professionalism - toegher with "writing memory" but still lets me easily keep electronic copies.

Couldn't recommend more.