First off, I did a search on this and didn't find what I was looking for so I hope this topic hasn't been beaten to death already and I missed it.

I am on LinkedIn and at the moment I only have contacts that I actually know, have met face to face and would call me back should I call them (i.e. a live network).

Recently I have had a large number of requests to connect from totally random people who I think are looking to connect and mine my contacts.  I realize that a network should be very inclusive however I am skeptical about these random connections.

How you the rest of you members use your LinkedIn for networking?  Do you accept these random connections without meeting them?

Cheers to all


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I only connect with people I have either met or at least talked to on the phone (i.e. a recruiter).  Unless a person tells me why they are trying to connect with me in the invite, I would ignore it.


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I keep my LinkedIn contacts to only people I have met.

If a 'random' requests a contact, I usually honour it with a response something like "At this time I'm only connecting with people I have met. If I have met you and forgotten, pleas accept my apology and feel free to refresh my memory!"

This way if there becomes reason to connect at a later stage - i.e. you do meet them - there's no burned bridge in the way.

-- Peter

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