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 I've heard the term "Manager Tools Management Philosophy".  What is a management philosophy.  And if MT has one, what is it in a few bullet points or a sentence?

How is it different from core values?  My boss is trying to come up with a management philosophy.  I think I've already implemented one with my own 6 managers that report to me, but I'm at a loss to explain my own management philosophy.  Where can I find some examples?




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Whenever you're trying to explain the "philosophy" of something, you're trying to talk about it in its broadest, most general terms. Some philosophies boil everything down to a few axioms, and if you want that kind of MT philosophy, then Horstmann's laws are probably a good place to look:


If I had to boil up everything I've learned from MT/CT in the last year I've been following, I'd put it as follows: "To communicate as effectively as possible, so as to be as effective as possible." One of the over-arching themes in everything Mark and Mike talk about has to be the idea of communicating with your directs. Acknowledging their feelings, letting them know they are hard, and in turn making sure that you are heard, and that what you are communicating is effective in achieving your team's goals (rather than, say, satisfying a heat-of-the-moment desire).