Hello All,

Wondering what you all would consider the most important, impactful, most bang for your buck... non-management related podcasts on the site.

There are sooooo many, I'm having a hard time figuring out which ones would have the most impact... and fully implement first.


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Hi Arthur,

The first ones are definitely the "Basics" series about the "Trinity": The 4 shows about "Rolling Out the Manager Tools Trinity" is definitely a must-listen to start. 



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I'm confused. Are you interested in podcasts for the non-manager? As Francois states the "Basics" are the place to start for management. If you really did mean "non-manager," then here are a few I like that could help anyone in any position:

One Kind Thing - do one kind thing for your direct reports, but I think could apply to peers

How to Remember Names

Any of the many Resume podcasts

MT Goals, Setting Annual Goals


Basics of Calendar Management

The Peer Feedback Model (but listen to the Effective Feedback casts first)

There are many more,




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ooooooooooooh, I should read more carefully!

However, the management podcasts are still relevant to non-manager to help understand better the overall organisation. 

The non-management oriented podcasts that I think should be in the basics are:, the "get out of prison" card and subsequent updates every year (check the interviewing series if you can) to manage your communications better (for the why, check the first podcast) in order to plan for a better future Self Development: What to read / for the other side of your comunications.

And obviously all of the ones that Michael mentionned.



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These casts are less actionable but after listening to them recently, I think they provide the framework for everything in Manager Tools and Career Tools:

 As far as actionable, I recommend starting with these network building casts:

You'll find that much of the guidance given to both managers and individual contributors stems from the notion that you have a strong network.  Happy listening!


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Funny you should mention this - I was just thinking today about my experience with the networking podcast, which came out in 2006.  I was terrible at keeping in touch with people and after hearing this podcast I was pretty convicted that I needed to change that.  My first thought was: I've lost touch with lots of very cool people over the years - what a shame.  So I started.  This wasn't easy for me as a high C, since I struggle with engaging people cold, but the podcast gave me the tools I needed.  Today I have a network of about 100 people, which grows gradually every month, and it's been very cool.  At first people wondered why I was calling or emailing, thinking, "what does he want??"  Now I get people appreciating the contact, and even more amazing, got people keeping in touch with me on a regular basis.  While I haven't gotten any great job promotions through this, I'm not sure that's the point.  I have gotten other folks jobs, but it's the building of relationships that's been huge.

While there's no right answer to your question of which podcast, the one on networking will be well worth your time!