Because, using the tools that you guys give me with the podcasts, it sure feels like it!

I started listening a couple of months ago.  I've powered through a good 150 of your casts.  Not all of them apply to me.  Many times, I think I'll just listen to the first couple of minutes to get the overview, and the move on. 

But, then I listen, and find so many gems that do apply.  It's great!

The stuff you guys say makes perfect sense.  It's amazing how many people miss the boat, though (at least, in my organization).  It really does feel like I'm cheating, by using your techniques.  It feels like I have an unfair advantage.

So, thank you for providing such great tools.  I really appreciate it.

falkb's picture

It only counts as cheating if you keep all that knowledge to yourself.

Pass it on, and feel good about it!

Falk Bruegmann