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BLUF: I am a high I, and recently I found out that by organizing the information in my computer per area, and then per person from that area that sends it to me or for whom I work on the issue to send it to turned out to be the quickest way for me to find that information again in the future when I need it! 

Before I figure this out I would loose a good couple of minutes, sometimes more, and sometimes a lot more (directly proportional to the last time I had needed that info) thinking and searching through subdirectories, that at the time of saving meant something to me, but now I couldn´t figure it out.  

"Was the the spreadsheet Bob prepared under operations planning, or under operations project control, or under resource management"... now it is under operations/from Bob

I always though I wasn´t very good at organizing the information, perhaps I really am not, but I prefer to think the problem was not me! the problem was the organization system I was creating which probably fits high C´s better. 

I can now find anything I want in less then a second.  

I thought I share, just in case there are other high I´s there that think they are too messy!  

And I want to thank Mark, as the inspiration came from a podcast of how Mark recognizes a high I: "high I´s have names of people and not tasks on their calender: Meet Bob from the bank, rather than financial meeting", something like that Mark said on the podcast!  Well, now my subdirectories also have names of people, rather than sub-group of tasks!  Thanks Mark!

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 I have stumbled into roughly the same - especially for managing emails: Function - Person.

For calendaring I could see the benefit. Especially with meeting prep.

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 This will save me a ton of time in the future.

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 Huh. Interesting. I'm gonna file this away in my head next time I meet a High I who's having trouble with organisation. Cheers!