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I became a member of Career Tools because I am looking to reboot my career after some continued disruptions from a chronic disease, and after a major relocation 2 years ago led me to work at places practicing some very ethically gray, if not downright illegal, business practices. I find the information here of value, even though I don't anticipate primarily being a manager of others, but rather of myself. Your lessons help me be more effective and efficient. Thanks.

So, I'm interested in learning more from Drucker, but I don't want to study his material too in-depth because more technical-related studies demand my attention and pertain to my career path. I found the book above, by Bruce Rosenstein, which is described on as:

"Synthesizing management legend Peter Drucker's simple yet profound core teachings into a guide to personal and professional transformation, this work shows readers how to apply Drucker's recommendations to lead more fulfilling and meaningful lives."

The reviews on look good. Can anyone here vouch for this book, or recommend another one that, basically, summarizes the Drucker lessons well?

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PS This was in my Action Area of my notes, and as I just finished the How to Take Notes 'cast, I thought I would play fair with step 6. Thanks.

Link to book on

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 If you're spending time listening to MT or CT, you're getting tons of Drucker-inspired material.  Maybe you can not read them at all?    Doing nothing is always an option. 

I just finished The Effective Executive, and it was more fun and shorter than most technical manuals.  

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Try the book "The Daily Drucker". It will give you a bite-sized piece of Drucker's writing and insight every day of the year. In spite of their small size, these bites still are good food for thought.

Falk Bruegmann

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Both were very helpful.

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