I had inherited a project that overall cost the organization $3 million to implement. I had ownership only for the last ~6 months of a 2+ year project to make sure it came in on time and "under the new budget" (as it was overrun...) - I was wondering what is an honest way to state that I had managed a $3 million dollar project, however I didn't manage the entire project budget for the whole project. Any advice would be great.

I did achieve to bring the project in on time and under budget, from when I was given the task.  

I typically write my accomplishment bullets like this...

"Delivered X Project on time and under budget."

I'd like the bullet to express that the company trusted me with bringing in an important project to an important client that cost $3 million to implement.  Thanks



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  • Took over a large, troubled project during final stages, and delivered on time and under revised budget by implementing effective project management comcepts.  

I have to say, being from QA, I'd want you to include the third part of the project management triangle in there too - it's not just about budget and schedule, it's also about quality.  You delivered it on time and under budget, but was it successful?  Anything you can add there?

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Omitting the budget and just calling it "large"  leaves the size up the the reader. "Took over" is not an accomplishment, so I'd phrase it something like this :

* Turned around $3M project, delivering it on time...


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Hi Maura - thanks for your reply. I thought after I submitted this post that an email would come to me if anyone responded so I gave up...this is helpful.

I agree with you on the Quality. There is a metric of quality that could be added - I'll have to think about that....some points I'll have to validate...

1st 30 days post production release:

# of issues in production (ex: 0)

# of phone calls from users (ex: 0) 

Existing utilization did not reduce for existing users (ex: 1,000 txns / day)

Thanks again. 





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Hi Tom,

I really like your suggestion. Simple and effective. I will use this. I appreciate your help.