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I am seeking help with tools, processes or otherwise to better manage my contact list and when to contact folks in my network.  Cntrl Shift K does not fit my needs as it relies to much on "work" technology and I prefer to manage my network outside of the office.  Mac user but have access to a PC.

I have followed Mike/Mark's advice on being much more strategic in managing my network and growing it.  I use linked in and have taking all my contacts and put them into monthly contact list so that I can contact so many each week and month.  This allows me to hit the qtrly goals.

As this has been going well managing these in a spreadsheet is not so easy.  The main problem is that when I output the items from Linkedin, my gmail account and my Outlook account at work, I have a real challenging syncing up the list.  

Wondering what has been done by others to better mange this.  Looking at software tools, processes etc.


Tim Hill

Denver, CO

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