So, my boss is moving on, and I was selected to replace him. What do I say to them on my first meetings with them as their new boss?

Further details:

  • Entire team is my currently my boss + 9 people (includes me).
  • I am a team-lead with 2 directs (until the switch is finalized).
  • All other directs are managed directly by my boss.

I've read the guidance on New Direct First Day Meetings, and How to Handle a Disgruntled Non-Promoted Direct, and I can't find exact guidance what to say.

I want to do something similar to the New Direct First-Day guidance, and it will be awkward, as saying that "Honesty is above all" to people I've been around for the past year may be received badly.

Any suggestions are welcome.




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I'd start with "I'm really excited to be in this new role because _____" and tell them why.  Not why you'll be a great manager, just why the promotion appealed to you.  (Unless it was just money, in that case, you are probably in the wrong role!)

For me, it would be "I'm really excited to be in this new role because I know I have a great team.  We've worked hard together in the past to make our org a terrific place to work and I look forward to that continuing. and so on..."

Set the expectation of continued excellence.  You might have some new ideas to roll out but the results need to be at least as good as your boss'.  Those new ideas will come, not on your first day, but soon.


Good luck!

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Congratulations! No advice from me I'm afraid, too much of a novice. Just wanted to say congrats! :)




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I would check out the "I am a former Peer" podcast. Good luck!

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When talking to the unsuccessful candidates 1:1 I have had good success with giving other good candidates feedback along the lines of "You have the skills to do this job as well, so lets work together and make sure you will be successful next time around - explain to them how you manage in terms of 1:1's, coaching etc and how it will help them develop further and be ready for the next open chance.

Kind Regards
Mads Sorensen
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