After hearing Mark say several times on several topics,"...and if you can't do that, get out of management" I finally have. After 16 years I am just too thin skinned to be in management. I can't laugh about an issue so I seldom give feedback and it's not effective. I have taken a transfer within the company (including a raise although I don't have their preferred qualifications-- thanks interview series!) where I can use my strengths as an individual contributor. The best thing I've done in my transition is turn my peers and likely successor onto Manager Tools. 

Thank you for a collegial atmosphere over the years. I'll see you around Career Tools. 


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Good Luck!

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I am in the same boat. I had aspirations of being a senior manager after being a supervisor for 3 years. I made a move into a indi role so I could finish my degree. As I near finishing in spring of '13, I am not sure if I want to step back into directly managing people.

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Yea I went through a dramatic career transition some while back and I'm glad I did.

I think that your next manager is going to be lucky to have you on the team.



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