BLUF: If offered an internal promotion, how likely is a salary negotiation?

I am interviewing for an internal position that would give me entry in to management. I have never had to negotiate a salary before but would necessitate a relocation for my family and I.
I have been with this company for 11 years at the same location so thereshould be little fear of me leaving the company.


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By definition a negotiation means, you give me something and I'll give you something.  Regardless of the position being internal or external, if your goal is to negotiate, you first need to understand what extra you can offer.



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Asking the same question as Michael above:

If you say you want more money, are you telling the company that they have misjudged the value of the position? Or that you can offer them more than they realize?

Starting to negotiate over salary, that's reallty the path you are going down: arguing over the value of the thing in question (your labor in that position). The biggest risk is that you lose the good will on the table and tick off the manager. The biggest gain is a couple thousand dollars per year. That's not a risk/reward scenario that I would find favorable enough to enter into.