I was contacted on Friday with some information that Ari Galper of will be in London - early September on a private engagement. This is a really time sensitive opportunity as Ari is booking flights in a few days time and once that has been locked in, he won't be extending his stay.

For those not familiar with Ari's work, check out - its a real must for anyone involved in business development or sales in anyway (so most of us I expect). I've personally been waiting for years for Ari to visit the UK, he regularly holds seminars in LA and Australia.

Anyway, I've spoken with his management team and if we can get enough executives who will sign up for the day (Max 12-15) he will extend his visit. The day will be a transformational experience, often altering the culture of a team and the entire business.

Cost per head for the day is going to be around £950 for 10 and will drop accordingly - ideally someone will be able to claim a boardroom otherwise the cost of a meeting room in a London Central hotel or similar will need to be spread.

If one company wants to do this with their team, that's fine as will be a mix of individuals and small teams to make the numbers up. INTERESTED?? then PM me via Manager Tools, Email me [email protected] or call me on 07776007700 asap and lets see if we can get enough folk to make this happen and it would be nice to meet other UK based MT members (this is a new profile as I couldn't get in on my old one, I've been listening from the start!)


(Mark/Mike if this is against any policies please forgive me, let me know and drop the post - no offence intended. I believe this opportunity is complementary to MT as we are all involved in Business Development and Selling Ourselves or Ideas).

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Date is likely to be the 4th September in Central London.