Not sure if there are still others out there interested in this or not. If so let's try to set something up over the summer to kick this off.


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I'd prefer Seattle, but I could make eastside work.

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I'd be glad to participate in a get together. 


Anthony Ridnell

CEO, TRInternational, Inc.

[email protected]


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 If, hypothetically, there were one on July 16th somewhere downtown or in SLU (Metropolitan Grille, perhaps?), how many folks could make it?

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If we are talking about an evening event, I would be most interested.

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I'll be out of town  all next week. The following week would work though. SLU or downtown is great too.

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Users of the guidance from will gather for camaraderie and networking if available.

I have been to previous events at this location and it is fairly easy to get to. It is located at Bellevue Square, in the North parking structure (between Macy's and Nordstrom).

Munch Bar Bellevue
505 Bellevue Square
Bellevue, WA 98004
Eventbrite for a meet-up Aug 29th in Bellevue.

I looked at the Met in SLU but it seemed to be more of a dining establishment. If someone would like take the reins on that though, we could easily change it.

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Sorry that no one was able to make it this evening. Maybe we can try to do this again in the future when it is more convienent for everyone.