Hi All,

How do you ensure that an extended vacation does not impact on your work life?

Before moving in to a new role at the same company I had annual leave booked which with the publich holidays and weekends means I am not going to be at work for 30 days. I wouldn't be allowed to book this much time off in my new role due to the fast pace nature of the role - but given it was booked i'm able to take it.

I've never been away from work for such a long period of time and have some concerns; how do you plan?


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Can you meet with your new team before you leave, and perhaps spend a couple of hours with them in their normal work environment, rather than come back from your vacation as a completely new face?

Also are you going to report to a new manager? Meet with him/her asap and ask for their expectations about what you are going to do before the move.

Are you away for the full 30 days, or are you back a few days before you are due back to work? You could offer to meet your new manager for lunch a day or two before you return, so that when you come in for a full day you can hit the ground running.

Good luck (and I'm very jealous of the long break!)