I am preparing a performance evaluation on an employee who does a fabulous job - so it should be easy - yes?  My question is how to articulate to someone the difference between being best practice (and the associated resources that go along with that) from being in compliance (not bare bones, but what is the minimum that makes us compliant) and why it is important to understand that difference. 

Thank you.


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You just did explain the difference in your post!

You could give examples that relate to their work, so they understand what you mean in more detail. Especially if it is an example of their own work and how it could be improved. Though it's even better to get them to describe to you how they could have done something better and own their development.

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The ITIL framework also helps define the difference between best practices and compliance practices.

Compliance, to me, is about ensuring IT services are delivered to well established enterprise policies or legal requirements.

Best practices, as I understand the definition, are proven processes or activities that have been shown to work at multiple locations yet have *not* become routinely applied or "standard" practice.