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 With the introduction of iOS 6, Apple is directing podcast subscribers to download the Podcasts App to play their podcasts. With all of the new capabilities, like streaming to your device and subscriptions synced through iCloud, there are some things that you can't do which you may have been using in the old Music App (or iPod App if you've been using iOS for that long).

The first is that the Podcasts App has no support for Playlists. You can sync playlists, but you have to play them back in their individual show listings. 

The second is that you cannot subscribe to password protected podcasts inside the App. This is troublesome for many Manager Tools members because some of the best content is available through the membership RSS feeds. 

You can use the Manager Tools App to stream and listen to episodes. 

You can also trick your iOS device to go back and use the Music App. If you subscribe to many podcasts, this may be easier than finding the apps for each of the shows you enjoy. 

To trick your iOS device, delete the Podcats App, like you would any other app. Then restart your device by holding the Sleep button and the Home button for 10 seconds or until you see the Apple logo. 

Now you can sync your Playlists from iTunes and listen to them in the Music App. 


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Thanks Jack, I can always rely on you to make my life a little bit better!


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How do I delete a direct on the iPhone app?

Thank  you,


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This is unfortunate, and a clear sign tha Apple has no intention of helping its existing loyal customers. The other podcast apps are not nearly as robust as Apple's Podcast app. The primary reason I purchased my itouch to begin with was to use it for podcasts. Now it is a piece of junk that I will rarely use for anyting except perhaps a paperweight. Epic Fail, Apple! You sold us out.