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Fancy a cheeky pint with Wendii and Mark?

Join us for some nibbles, drinks and a healthy debate on Wednesday the 30th of January at Gows Restaurant starting around 7pm. You can find details of the location here and

Mark and Wendii will be happy just to say hi, or to answer questions, or to join in your debates. If you're planning on attending, please let me know at [email protected]. We hope you can attend and have a great time!

All attendees will be expected to make a contribution towards the costs (around £20-30). I believe it is only fair that we thank Wendii and Mark for flying 5000 miles and taking the time to meet us! Let me know if you have any concerns.

And I hope next year is as full of fabulousness, adventures and wonder as this year. And more full of steak and oysters. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.

Anandha ([email protected] or +447967033234)

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Thanks for co-ordinating this Anandha

I will be there


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I'll be there!




"Now bring me DISC profile 6-1-4-7, your time is up and your feedback's begun!"

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Would love to attend, but finishing a meeting @ Westminster at 830pm, so prob 9pm before I can arrive. If you guys believe you will still be there for an hour or so would still love to come round and contribute (£) the same regardless.

Please let me know.



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We were there till closing time last time.. so its highly likely we will be there. Feel free to call or text me to check..  

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 What a great opportunity! I'll be there :)


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Me too ... Looking forward to the meetup. 



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Hi All,

I am travelling next week. I will miss saying hi to old friends and meeting new ones. Please let me know the date for the next meetup.

Enjoy the evening.



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 Hi folks, 

Many thanks to Anandha for organizing, and for Wendii and Mark for attending along with the other MT/CT afficianados.  I really enjoyed meeting you, learning from you, and look forward to seeing you again sometime soon.

Best regards,