I am flying in and out, same day, for an interview.  I am using a car service, so leaving items in the rental car is not an option.  What do I take?

 M-T's recommendation seems to be geared to in-town interviews.  Would I really travel for 18 hours with a padfolio, a key, and a wallet?

 Do I take a briefcase?  Reading material?  Leisure or business reading? 

Pick up a newspaper in the AM, leave it in the plane before the interview?  Repeat on the way home?

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I'd look for some place to stash all your other stuff temporarily.  Train stations often have lockers, perhaps your destination airport does too?  I think I've seen some sort of baggage holding places at some airports, as well.  Alternately, perhaps there's somewhere along the way between airport and interview you could make a quick stop at to drop off a bag (like a storage place).

Personally, though, I don't completely agree with this particular MT recommendation.  You should certainly seek to *minimise* the amount of stuff you bring to an interview (giant wheely suitcase?  nooooo!).  Avoid loading up your pockets, too, to keep the line of your suit.  However, I have trouble imagining that your first impression would be tarnished by a small, stylish, work-appropriate bag that you immediately place under your chair when you sit down and don't use it at all (ie have your padfolio out when you arrive).

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In support of Matt's post, most airports have a website with maps indicating where you can find lockers.

Consider contacting the car service by phone to determine if they can hold a bag and bring it back when they pick you up.

  Good luck!

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Thanks for the tips, Matt Palmer and MMann.

The airport did away with lockers due to security concerns and the car service could not guarantee that the same car would pick me up in the evening.

I took my briefcase in and stashed it in my hosts office while I made the rounds for the interview.  He had forgotten about it by the end of the day so I unfortunately had to ask him to walk back by his office on the way out.  Other than that small inconvenience, no problem.

Suggestion to future people in my position: check with the receptionist to see if you can stash a briefcase behind the front desk.  You most likely will leave the same way you entered.  If you must sign out or return a visitor badge then it's a sure thing.