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 Take a look at this Q posted on /. 

Ask Slashdot: Interviewing your boss 

Not a lot of detail in the question, but a few (mixed) reactions crossed my mind:

  • Negative: Similar to giving your boss feedback: don't do it!
  • Negative: Upper management doesn't understand hiring and is abdicating responsibility.
  • Negative: The posting of the question and what the guy says indicates a lack in understanding interviewing anyway.
  • Positive: Assuming the poster gets a real say in the matter, this is an interesting way to hire someone that the team might mesh well with.

I think if forced to do the same, I'd assume I'd have no real power here and everything I do and say could be a potential problem (similar to giving feedback to you boss). But I'd conduct it the same as any interview I'd do, but with a softer emphasis: ie, get to know you type of thing.

What do other MT people think?

- Steve

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Very timely.  I'm facing this dilemma tomorrow.   I'm interviewing a VP candidate but I'm not sure who is interviewing who to be honest.  At this point, it seems clear to me that the decision will be made by the higher ups and there is no upside for me voicing any sort of negative opinion.  I have a few good questions in my back pocket (thanks MTICT) , but generally will try to make a positive impression.