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A minor crisis has occurred and I've escalated it to my boss. On Friday I spoke with him face to face and provided an 'FYI' escalation so he would at least be in the loop on the problems. This morning (Tuesday), the issues persist and the key stakeholder (internal customer) has requested an emergency meeting specifically with the project team and my boss.

I discussed this with him this AM but he will not attend the emergency meeting. He "can be working on other things" and believes "we can take care of it" (which is true).

My primary concern is that this is not leadership behavior, both to our team, and to the internal customer.

The impression I have is that he's delegating the escalation back to the project team. I am curious what the MT community thinks of this type of behavior... ?

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It sounds like your boss trusts you to deal with the issue. Don't let him down.

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I would take it as a good sign As TomW mentions, he's letting you take care of the issue. In most cases, even if you make a wrong decision, the boss will likely support you. This is true so long as your decision is fact based and logical.

On a tactical basis, I would also suggest you define a clear escalation plan in your project planning, in case you haven't already. This plan should include names/titles and escalation criteria. All the names on the escalation list should approve as well.