Hello everyone!

I am wondering how to include an internal move/promotion on a resume that does not stink! Do I put the new position under new dates above the old position as if it was a new company or include the new position's responsibilities and accomplishments mixed with the old position? I want the entire length of time I've spent at one company to be noticed instead of it looking like I stayed at the company less time than I did.

I've been listening to the podcasts on resumes and was wondering how to show an internal move within the same company efficiently. Sorry if it was covered but I don't remember it or I missed it because considering its relevance to my current situation I think it would have stuck in my head if I had heard it.

Thank you for your input.

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For a real, tangible promotion (as opposed to a re-org, merger, increase in grade, or a Great Renaming), you can reasonably show them as separate jobs with the same company.  If you find yourself with lots of these over a reasonably short time period, then you might want to reassess what you're counting as a "real, tangible promotion" (or you're an amazing high performer).  If you blow over one page, you're definitely not consolidating as much as you should.

The purpose of a resume is to show career progression.  Listing your real job changes over time at the same company shows that just as well as moving from one company to another as you move up the ladder.  I don't see any reason to handle them differently.

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I was thinking along these lines but I didn't want it to look like I'd only been at the company a short time.