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When trying to download podcasts in iTunes, iTunes continues to say my password is incorrect. Has anyone else encountered this in the last week or so? And if so, is their any direction you can point me?

I know this is not a MT issue as I can log in to just fine. I've tried  the basics like checking caps lock, iTunes help, etc. and am not sure what else to try.

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I had the same problem for several months. I have my iTunes account on a computer running Windows XP. It finally stopped, perhaps due to an iTunes update. If anyone has a solution, I'd like to know as well.

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Same issue here.  I upgraded my OS and my iTunes last week and it won't let me log in.   Would love to know how to fix that.

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So this may not help either of you, but it turns out my Career Tools license had expired. Once I renewed my license, everything worked fine.