Perhaps this question has been asked a million times, but please help me!

What is all-around best and most effective way to handle poor office-cleaning by the custodial staff? I am an admin assistant and our custodial staff is not thorough at all in our routine cleaning. When I put in specific requests (such as dusting and vacuuming after a construction project is complete in a faculty member's office), they vacuum but do not dust.

A part of me thinks I need to consistently report every time unsatisfactory work is done so that custodial management is aware of the issue, and another part of me thinks that will only create bad-will. I also wonder whether or not management knows and simply does not care.

does anyone have any advice for me?



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Consider the Peer Feedback model:

Hmmm. Ideally you already have a good relationship with the custodial staff in your area. If so, the peer feedback model will help.

There isn't enough information in your question to make a firm recommendation...but taking it to their boss every time will most certainly not improve the relationship. I encourage you to keep it in a positive tone. All custodial staff I know take pride in doing a job well and know that their effort makes a positive impression on both guests and employees of the company/institution.