I've been at this company for 15 years and have a great understanding of most aspects of the business through my experience in building systems and collaborating with the business. 

A colleague (M.) called last week asking if I'd be interested in a new position in his organization. It would be a move from senior technical position in IT to a senior manager on the business team. I'd like to take on the challenges of this new position. It would be a great fit for my skills, experience and interests. 

We have to jump through the HR corporate hoops for job openings. I've applied online.  I have to have my manager's approval and his manager's approval. I hear (from my boss) that the CIO and the VP are not happy and I have yet to receive the 2nd level of OK. 

In the mean time, my potential new boss wants to keep moving forward to get this done. Which includes uploading a current resume to the job applicant system. I'll make a separate post for those questions. 

I'm looking for guidance on the whole situation. The internal approval situation has me a little worried this weekend. Technically, I guess the VP could say "no". To say that this would make for an awkward work situation going forward would be an understatement. Assuming there is eventual approval, I'm concerned I'll encounter lingering resentment from IT upper management.  





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Your Boss, the VP, and the CIO are worried about the effect on their organization. Do what you can to make the transition as easy as possible.

Listen to the "how to resign" casts, and put together the packages that Mark & Mike recommend.  Offering to provide a solid Transition File, Performance and Interm Reviews on your team, work Instructions, and the Successor Document will go far in addressing their concerns.

Offer to do whatever you can to minimize the disruption on your team. You can't do both jobs, but you can make the transition as easy as possible.  


It may not happen in 2 weeks, it may take 3 months. But it is likely to happen eventually. In a dispute between a business unit (revenue generation) and IT (support organization), the business unit normally has the organizational power.  Make it easy for your current organization and they'll happily say yes.