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Submitted by pjkraft on


Big fan of MT for 5 years.  Would love to meet fellow managers.

Happy to arrange if there is interest!

Paul K.


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 Hi Paul,


Definitely interested, I work near Roppongi. So who else?



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Crolyndlln & Cunningham12:

I sent a note to Wendii last week asking her to raise this topic.  I'm a big MT fan and feel that Japan could learn a LOT from what they teach.

Are you both in Tokyo?



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I am in the Meguro, Shirokanedai area.  I would be happy to organize something, we could meet at my office or a convenient location near Meguro or Azabu Jyuban station.  Anyone still interested?  Something during Golden Week perhaps?

I would really love to get Mark and Mike to stopover in Tokyo on one of the Shanghai Sydney jaunts.  I am sure the American Club or the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan could back an event to help promote it.

What would it take for this to happen?



Positive thoughts attract success.

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 Don - 

Thanks for the note.  Even if it is just two of us, it would be fun. 

I work in Kamiyacho area so both of those places are convenient for me.

GW is a bit tough as I have small kids and we're trying to plan something.  A weeknight perhaps?

I like your idea of the TAC or the ACCJ too.