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I'm getting major pushback from my boss against weekly 03s. He says that in concept it's nice that I'm doing them weekly.

BUT -- he doesn't do weekly 03s himself because we all have real jobs to do. He's trying to get me to switch to monthly.

Any advice?

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Bit of clarity please.  Do you mean he is trying to stop you having weeklys with YOUR directs?


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 Yes, that's correct. He says that I'm spending too much time with my directs and should instead be doing other things.

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Ultimately you have to do what you are told, if he is insisting you stop, then you will have to.  

There is actually a cast, or mention of this topic within a cast.  Mark talked about how he would try and continue doing them under the radar.  Hopefully somebody can chip in and point you in the direction of it.


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I remember that comment, too. Wasn't that on a recent conference call?

Looking back at the Winter 2012 licensee call, Question #19 was about a boss and his boss thinking that MT methods take too much time. 

I recall the answer is similar to what Mark said. Continue under the radar and call them something else, like "update". 

Hope this helps,


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Thanks! That helps.