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Open to the group, would you use a line of your one page resume if you had completed the programs below? One, the other, or both?

CCL Leadership Development Program


MIT Sloan Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership


I feel both of these were significant in my development as a leader and manager in the space I'm in, but curious to know if these are enough "stuff" and not too much "fluff"

If I made them room on my resume, they would each get one line with the year completed, nothing more.

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If you've gone to the moon, I'd probably leave 'em off.  On the other hand, if you're fresh out of school, they'll probably be quite helpful.

The rule of thumb I use when trimming down my resume is simple: whatever the weakest point is in my CMD for that particular job application, I cull it.  I repeat this process until I've got down to a page, then I send that.  So, if you'd have to cut one (or both) of these, you need to look at the job and what else you've got on your resume, and wipe out whichever one is less likely to get you to an interview.