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Eight years ago today the first cast: "Solution to a Stalled Technical Career" was released.

Congratulations to the Manager Tools and Career Tools team!

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 Congrats - love it!

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Congrats to everyone at the MT team from me too. You have achieved a huge amount in the last 8 years and enriched my life an immeasurable amount, thank you!

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Changed.  My.  Life.

Thank you MT team!

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 Happy anniversary!


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Your recommendations have changed my life - in a positive way.  Thank you!

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Hearing this podcast changed my career and put me on an entirely different trajectory.

Thank you Mark, Mike and the rest of the MT team.

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Thank you for all the help you've provided us thru out the years.

You help me to understand that Dilbert isn't life and is just funny.

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Congratulations and THANK YOU for changing my life :) 

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Congrats guys! Awesome work. MT has helped me score an Acting Manager position with loads of positive feedback from other senior managers about my future with the organisation.  Couldn't have done it this well or in this timeframe without the podcasts, the tools and forums.

Thanks for everything!

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 You guys are awesome, you're helping me transition from a individual contributor into a Effective new manager, your Pod cast are a godsend.

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 It's been a privilege.  We look forward to many more years.


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 Congrats! Thanks for generously sharing your knowledge w/us.

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Nice catch. ... It was seven years ago around this time that I was looking for some resources to help me become a more effectlive manager and maybe even leader. (The technical credibility in the former seems to tie into the latter). I was pretty deep on the bench behind some very solid known quantitiess in my organization and decided that it was time for me to take a little bit more initiative in managing my career and professional growth. Discovering MT was a life changer --and  I found that being more effective at work had a lot of homefront stress management/"dont take work home every night" benefits. My thanks to Mike, Mark, Mr. Hausmann, and Mr. Hack (and I do miss Bug Girl), and the MT community for their insight and generousity!