My question is: When should I start doing O3s?

This week I started a new job as the manager of 6 Directs.  I am replacing a manager who is retiring after 27 years with the company.  The retiring manager is still on staff and will remain until the end of September (7 more weeks).  Administratively, he is still the supervisor of the staff and he does not conduct O3s.

I am grateful for the generous overlap since I was hired from outside the company.  The company has a fairly rigid organizational culture (German origin, international presence).

Anyone else encounter something similar or have any advice?

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Hello WMSHughes...

Did  you miss the podcasts:

The MT team assists you with both the timing and the communications to your team.

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 Definitely did not miss that cast, thanks.

I think you missed what made this situation awkward and unusual.  The person I am replacing is still at work and is still formally in the supervisor role and will be for about 7 more weeks.

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For me, there'd be nothing awkward or unusual here.

You started the job and presumably everyone knows you are the manager.  The company is being smart by having a nice handover period.  Are you suggesting the outgoing manager is going to STOP you managing the way you want?   Highly unlikely.

Follow the guidance TLHAUSMANN refers to as if YOUR day one was day one.  

From the day you were appointed you became responsible for the results of your department.  In another cast, I believe MT advises no major changes for 90 days anyway, by which time the outgoing manager will be gone and retiree sensitivities won't be an issue.

By all means seek out the retiring manager's advice and counsel on all things department related.  But to quote Eleanor Roosevelt to Harry Truman on day 1 of his Presidency: "You're the one in trouble now".



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My view is a little different.  I am currently in the same situation - appointed to a new role leading a team of seven - their old manager is still here until the end of September ("helping me out").  I've been with the company for a while, and have different views about the direction of the team, so would honestly prefer to see him on his way as soon as possible.  

To me, it depends on who the team are reporting to.  In my case it was explicitly stated in an all-staff email that I'm now in the role and the team reports to me.  The old boss is just tidying up a few things and answering any questions I have.  So I started team meetings and O3s ASAP after that change was made.

If the team reports to the old boss still, I'd be more cautious.  Depends if you think the old boss will bad-mouth the idea to the directs behind your back.  If you think he will honestly say "great, manage however you like, I'll support it", then go for it.  If you think he'll roll his eyes to the directs and hence undermine the process, maybe wait.  Worst case would be he says no, they're still my team and we're not doing it.  Then you'll have a big mountain to climb to get them going once he's gone - "but old guy said these weren't important?".

The other thing to consider is how you frame them.  Maybe initially just ask for weekly catch ups to get to know the team members better.  Then once he's finished up, explain the formal agenda process etc for O3s in your team meeting and go from there.  

Although you do want to crack on with the O3s and developing relationships, you don't need the old person undermining you to the team.