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 BLUF: How do I handle it if I can't remember some specific dates on my resume?

Details: From 07/1992 - 02/1999 I worked in several positions with the same company. In the first two to three years I was promoted twice. Around three to four years after I started I transferred to another department and worked there for about a year. After that I went back to the first department in the same position as when I left and then was promoted twice more before I left the company. Unfortunately I do not have any specific dates for any of these positions. And I do not know of any way to go back and get them. I have only recently begun to work on my resume in the MT way. But I do not know how to handle these issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Ron W

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Let me start by asking if positions from 14-20 years in your past are relevant to what you are trying to do today?

With that being said, some companies have an online job board where this information may be retained.
If that fails, do you have any points of contact that could help you find this information? Check with your network to see if a home else has a contact for you.
You may even be able to find it through one of the online background checking resources.

Good luck.


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Thanks Mac!

The positions relate directly to what I do today. But I will definitely try your suggestions.

In case I cannot get the dates, does anyone have a suggestion for how to present the information correctly? I would greatly appreciate any help.


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Titles and durations don't matter. Accomplishments matter. Suggested format:

02/1992 - 07/1999 ABC Widgets, Inc Titles held: 1st, 2nd, 3rd positions

Accomplishments: Implemented plan A to achieve metric 1, 2, 3. Developed process B which resulted in improved results 4, 5, 6. Cured cancer and balanced the national budget.

You get the idea. Your titles, department, and dates are not what you need to highlight. It is what you did that can be measured and documented that is important. Note that formatting for these comments prevents me from formatting the bullet points appropriately. Alternatively, you can skip the positions' portion of the date/company line, and in the accomplishment sections indicate "As line supervisor, implemented...." and "As Quality manager, developed...."

From the hiring manager's perspective, he's not interested in your previous titles. He's interested in what you can do for him. Well, what you've done before is the best indicator or what you can do henceforth, and that's what you need to say with your resume and cover letter.

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 Thanks Donna. I hadn't looked at it quite that way. Some of my entries follow your advice because they were more linear and stayed in the same department. I was more concerned about my time with this company because the job in the middle was dramatically different. I started as a dealer in the table games department of a casino. I got promoted to a floor supervisor. Then I transferred to casino marketing for one year. Then I went back to table games as a floor supervisor and was promoted from there before I left. I was concerned that such a change might require a separate entry. But I see your point. Thanks again!