I am part of our IT department which is composed of one manager, two senior analyst and myself as an analyst. I am reporting directly to our manager while the two senior analyst reports to their respective global manager. As an analyst and team lead for our two temps. Our team is servicing around 700 employees. 

Now, our manager already filed his resignation after 12 yrs of service because our new director, his boss, is really hard to deal with. 

Most of his task are now transitioned to me (director's decision- how valuable am i now? :p) This is on top of my daily deliverables. Right now, im thinking if i should resign or not. Been asking for raise or promotion since early last year but our director always rejects.

I think now i have a better leverage since im the one who knows the entire local operation. Several scenarios that are playing in my head right now

1. Being an analyst, there are 2 levels before Manager

2. There are 2 sr analyst in our team that based on ranking would deserve to be the next manager. Problem is, they are specialist on their own field and might need time to learn the operations. 

3. Wait for a new manager to come in and try my luck again with promotion 

4. Resign

What do you think guys?

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Keep getting results – both your daily deliverables as well as the transitioned tasks from you former manager.

Being an analyst, you might get or stay with new/increased responsibilities after a new manager has been positioned. After you have proven that you can handle your increased responsibilities by getting great results you have a case for some kind of a promotion.