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 BLUF - Should I change my answers (or anything else) in an internal interview if I am confident of the DISC profile of the person doing the interview?

My boss is a definite high D. I'm wondering if I should change my answers to allow for this? Would it be better to shorten some of the answers up and get to the point? Or is it better to stick to the basics?


Ron W

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Short answer yes.    Longer answer - Heck Yes.   :-)

Seriously, DISC is not something you pull-out once a year.  It's a way to make you more effective in everyday communications.

I hire a lot of High-C Engineers who frequently have trouble staying out of the weeds.  If I try to focus them on the key points a few times and they don't get it, I move on to the next candidate.  The ability to communicate effectively is a requirement of the job.

If your high-D boss or potential boss doesn't feel they're getting enough detail, don't worry., they'll ask for it.  Keep your answers crisp and focused on the business results and accomplishments. The high-D will thank you for it.

Leave the details to the high-C.