I need help in locating a particular podcast, please.

I recall in a podcast, maybe on feedback, maybe it was the 'shot across the bow,' where Mark mentioned giving feedback -- and receiving a huge pushback from the person along the lines of 'you weren't there and you didn't see what happened and it wasn't like that at all' or whatever.  Mark made the point that, if you believe your information you deliver the feedback as if you actually witnessed the event.

Can anybody direct me to the correct podcast, please?

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January 18 2010

"How to stop gossip"

He specifically says this phrase right after the 32 minute mark.

Hope this helps!


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Excellent - thanks!

I recently ran into a bullying situation with one of my guys.  After investigation, consulting witnesses, speaking with a recent retiree about his experience with the perpetrator, and considering my experience as well, we sat down for a chat.  When confronting him with the preponderance of evidence he retorted "So you were there?  You saw this?"  My reply, "You know I wasn't there.  However, given my experience I believe that your behavious was as I've described.  And you are now on notice that you will not behave again in the manner.  Here are the consequences that will befall you next time you choose to act in this manner..."

My director was blown away by the 'act as if' tool (or model, or whatever we're calling them today,) so I was looking for the 'cast to share with him.

By the way, MT Team -- if you're listening, "Thanks!"  You guys are *the best!*


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 I've also found the podcast about 3rd party negative feedback to be very helpful in cases like this.