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Is this an issue with authority to deal with, and if so, how?
I was asked by a direct report to 'act' as a reference for an application to a young professional's group in our company (selection limited to 20 out of 100's) on a Wednesday at noon, to complete next day/Thursday at noon. I couldn't accommodate her as asked, but told I her when I could (and did) complete it - noon 4 hours before the application deadline (Friday 4 PM). I am her direct supervisor, she needed my recommendation to apply. 
What I am a little flabbergasted about is the lack of a thank you when it was wrapped up - nothing came verbally or written/email from her to me, or the other person who was asked to provide her a reference. After the app, I did ask her to outline her plan for how she would integrate learnings from the young professional's monthly day long meetings to her position, and how she would plan to finish her work when she was gone. Next month, she was told she was not selected; My thoughts are that this was a direct consequence of her lack of business savvy on how to approach a professional in house learning opportunity. 
We had a midyear review during which she has been asked to be more communicative and positive in her work relationships and interactions(specific behaviors were listed), and to respect my supervisory role. I am a high C / D; she is extreme high I; we work in an IM department that supports software development for a research organization and have had six months of one on one's with about two months of feedback.

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There could be other explanations.  From the context (she's applying young professionals group), it sounds like she's inexperienced overall.  This may be the cause behind some of the gaps in her professionalism.

Most importantly, do the behaviors seem to be improving with feedback (it may take a while)?  If they do (or don't) , the reason isn't really the manager's concern. 

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