Specifically, I'm looking for the cast that talked about asking your boss if you have a fatal flaw, but I can't find it.  Can anyone point me to it?

More generally, it would be nice if the search results would search through the text of the shownotes, even if that were only for licensees, but probably in general for everyone.  That would make it easier to find casts based on a specific remembered phrase.



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The topic was discussed in the Self Development Informal 360" cast:

Also, if you haven't already purchased the Interview Series, there is guidance on how to handle 'The Weakness' question during  a job interview.

Conversely, admitting a mistake is *not* fatal...check out the cast on admitting mistakes:

Rather than expect a keyword search for the casts, I save time by purchasing Individual Licenses for Manager Tools and Career Tools casts. I then use a desktop file indexing tool called X1 to search for individual words...not just in MT content but among my tens of thousands of messages and documents on my workstation. Drop me a note at tlhausmann (at) yahoo (dot) com if you would like to know more. Glad to help.


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 Tim - that's a great solution to the problem.  Most people probably aren't going to think to file all the PDFs, so I still wonder about having MT do the keyword searches that way, but yours is an elegant solution to my specific problem.

Thanks again



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You are most welcome!

I am a long time MT listener. I cannot always recall the specific cast when I seek guidance. As such, indexing the PDFs (personally) has helped a great deal when I seek a quick reference.

BTW...I'm Tom. (Not sure how many folks in the forums know me.)